Roxy's Disappearance... Angels to the Rescue!

"When my garage door failed to close and the wind blew open the kitchen door, my darling Corgi, Roxy, escaped into the dark, cold, moonless South Dakota night. Needless to say, I was beside myself… hunting high and low at 9 at night and feeling desperate, I phoned “Mama Jeannie” in tears. Lucky for me, she was willing and able to assist. I explained where I had been looking and where I was at the moment – which was the park a block and a half away. Jeannie calmly dialed me back to searching closer to the house, explaining she felt Roxy was closer to home and had not been taken. Within 20 minutes of making the connection with Jeannie, Roxy calmly walked out from the neighbor’s garden. Relief washed over me… it was as though I had lost a child that was now found. Jeannie’s gift is amazing!!! I am so grateful and fortunate I had the presence of enough of my mind to reach out and ask for help. If this happens to you – please don’t hesitate to phone her – there is no price for peace of mind!"

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