Tools & Resources for Your Own Intuitive Adventure!

When Jeannie first began offering the Angel Walks in 2000, she gave each client a comprehensive written list of recommended resources as per his/her Angels' & Spirit Guides' unique suggestions. In order to share such impactful tools with many more people world-wide, she will be regularly compiling & updating her favorite go-to resources here. Her associate links on Amazon (below) will take you directly to purchase so that you can easily & speedily respond to those sudden intuitive nudges you receive. Click around to see what Angel, Spirit Animal, etc books, divination card decks, & more light up the brightest for you. Enjoy them when they arrive to you! When isn't it fun to receive guidance from your own Angels, Guides, & Loved Ones in Spirit in order to amp up your own intuitive abilities & flip more of your Light switches to "On"? Goodbye, dimmer switches! Hello, powered-up, ongoing travels! Please come back soon to see what's *New!* for more Spirit Fun! Thank You!! 


Wings Up!!  

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie