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Jeannie loves to refer her clients & friends to businesses & resources she implicitly trusts. The following are just a few of her favorites:



Jeannie's Store:


Esther Hicks of


Mike Dooley of TUT Universe:


Dr Rita Louis of


Exceptional Accounting Services:

Charles Allen Ltd:


Mpls Rock Shop:


Law of Attraction:


Lola Jones with Divine Openings:


The Tibet Store of Mpls, MN closed in 2020; if you're in Minneapolis, please frequent:


Arizona Husky Rescue:

Collective Evolution:


Lisa Nichols of


Neale Donald Walsch of


Horse Ranch Stay in South Dakota for Your Horses and You with 100's of Miles of Trails to Explore! Tell Willie Madline I sent you!:

Maggie Bauer of


Lymphatic Massage with Kathy Joy:


Christie Marie Sheldon:


Dan & Pete of Fixt Rite Auto, Minneapolis MN:



















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