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Thank You for Visiting the Wings Up Club

for 111 Frequent Fliers... Like You!

A 2 for 1 One-on-One Super Special

Just for You

with Your Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones & Jeannie!


What is the Wings Up Club?


It’s a monthly 2 for 1 membership club for 111 Members only where, with your monthly auto-payment, you receive either a:


* 1-Hour One-on-One Quantum Leaping Angel Phone Call with Jeannie, instead of 1/2 Hour for $51.11 (Value Savings of $51.11!) OR a


*2-Hour One-on-One Quantum Leaping Angel Phone Call with Jeannie instead of 1-Hour for $111.11! (Value Savings of $111.11!)


*If you feel nudged to immediately Save $1333.33 & secure your spot with your Angels & Guides for an entire year, there is even a 12-month option for you!


How do I choose which call option would be best for me? 

The (1) Hour Call option may be best for you if you think you'll have just 1-3 questions regarding your desired reality goals each month for your Angels, Guides, & Loved Ones out of form. If you're sensing that you'll have 4 or more questions, the (2) Hour Call will be necessary for you. If you do have 4 or more questions in 1 month & you've purchased the (1) Hour $51.11 Call, you may combine 2 months of  your $51.11 purchase  for (2) hours, scheduling your $51.11 Call for every other month, instead. Or, for any month, you can purchase extra call time.

May I transfer my Angel phone call with Jeannie as a gift to a family member, friend, co-worker, business associate, or other loved one for any month of my membership?


Yes! Absolutely! If you wish to assist someone you love via their Angels & Spirit Guides, simply notify Jeannie that you are gifting yours that month & she will email you a printable Gift Certificate that you can pass along to your beloved. 


Where can I go to see if I resonate with how Jeannie communicates with each person’s Angels & Spirit Guides?


Feel free to check out Jeannie’s YouTube Channel, Blog or Website to see if your Angels & Spirit Guides give you a, “Yes!” nudge to receive your messages through her. She encourages you to always go with your gut, intuition, & those Angel nudges & tingles of yours. They will always steer you towards more of your peace & joy!


Can I cancel my membership anytime?


Absolutely. There is no minimum-month requirement or contract to sign. Just as Gift Certificates for Take a Walk with Your Angels never expire, you can sign up & then fly off to another adventure anytime. The only requirement for access to the Wings Up Club as a Frequent Flier is your monthly autopayment. *Please Note: Memberships are non-refundable; if you are guided to cancel, be sure to do so in advance of your monthly-reoccurring payment. If you find you haven’t cancelled before your auto-payment processed in the month you intended to cancel, you are welcome to transfer that month’s Angel call to a beloved. *The Angels reserve the right to direct that Jeannie immediately cancel the membership of any person who sends attacking or other low-frequency communication regarding the answers from his/her Angels & Spirit Guides or otherwise. Such activity may be reported to the necessary authorities, as well. 


If I opt out at some point & then desire to rejoin, will I be able to do so?


Absolutely! You can sign up again anytime there is an opening. The Wings Up Club is available to 111 Members Only on a 1st land, 1st fly basis. There will be a waiting list available for those wishing to join once the 111 saddles are filled.


Ready to join the Wings Up Club with your Angels & Spirit Guides? Wonderful! 


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If You Would Prefer A Single Angel Service:




Please Note:

Angel Walk & Phone Talk Payments

Are Due By the Scheduled Service Time.


The Email or Text Answer 

is Sent to Recipient

After Payment Is Received.


2 Hour Angel Walk ~ $211.11

          * for Couples ~ $311.11


2 Hour Angel Phone Talk ~ $211.11

1 Hour Angel Phone Talk ~ $111.11

1/2 Hour Angel Talk ~ $51.11


1 Angel Audio \ Voicemail Answer ~  $27.11

1 Quantum Leap Angel Card Selection ~ $27.11

1 Cherub/Mini-Angel Answer via Text/Email ~ $21.11


Party/Trade Show Cherub/Mini-Angel Readings ~ $22/15 minutes



Joy Flames Wristbands
(1) ~ $4
(2) ~ $7
(3) ~ $10
(5) ~ $15
(10) ~ $30

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