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Thank You for Visiting

The Wings Up Club

for 111 Frequent Fliers

- Like You!

A 2 for 1 Super Special

Just for You

with Your Angels, Spirit Guides,

and Jeannie!


What is The Wings Up Club?


It’s a monthly 2 for 1 membership club for 111 Members only where, with your monthly auto-payment, you receive a:

  •  2-Hour One-on-One Recorded Quantum Leaping Angel Phone Call with Jeannie instead of 1-Hour for $111.11! (Value Savings of $111.11 every month!)

  • AND/OR a 1-Hour One-on-One Recorded Quantum Leaping Angel Phone Call with Jeannie, instead of 1/2 Hour for $51.11 (Value Savings of $51.11 every month!)

  • AND/OR a 22 Minutes Angel Audio Recording by Jeannie, instead of 11 Minutes for $27.11 (Value Savings of $27.11 every month!)


How do I choose which Angel Call option would be best for me? 


The (1) Hour Call with Jeannie may be best for you if you think you'll have just 1-3 questions regarding your desired reality goals each month for your Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones out of form.


If you're sensing that you'll have 4 or more questions, the (2) Hour Call with Jeannie will be necessary for you.


If you do have 4 or more questions in 1 month and you've purchased the (1) Hour $51.11 Call, you may combine 2 months of  your $51.11 purchase  for (2) hours, scheduling your $51.11 Call for every other month, instead.


Or, for any month, you can purchase extra call time, of course.


If you'd love to subscribe to more than one 2 for 1 option, i.e. a monthly Call with Jeannie AND a monthly Recorded Angel Audio by Jeannie, you absolutely can! Just select your preferred monthly auto-pay dates for each, ordering each separately on those specific dates. 


May I Gift my Angel phone Call with Jeannie and/or my Recorded Angel Audio to a family member, friend, co-worker, or other loved one for any month of my membership?


Yes! Absolutely! If you wish to assist someone you love via their Angels and Spirit

Guides, simply notify Jeannie that you are gifting yours that month and she will

email you a printable Gift Certificate that you can pass along to your beloved. 


Where can I go to see if I resonate with how Jeannie communicates

with Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones who've passed?

Feel free to check out Jeannie’s YouTube Channel, Blog or Portfolio to see if your

Angels and Spirit Guides give you a, “Yes!” nudge to receive your messages through



She encourages you to always go with your gut, intuition, and those Angel nudges

and tingles of yours. They will always steer you towards more of your peace and joy! And thus, towards more YOU!!


Can I cancel my membership anytime?


Absolutely. There is no minimum-month requirement or contract to sign.

Just as Gift Certificates for Take a Walk with Your Angels never expire, you can

sign up and then fly off to another adventure anytime.

The only requirement for access to The Wings Up Club as a Frequent Flier is your

monthly auto-payment.

Please Note: Memberships are non-refundable; if you are guided to cancel, be

sure to do so in advance of your monthly-reoccurring payment. If you find you

haven’t cancelled before your auto-payment processed in the month you intended

to cancel, you are welcome to transfer that month’s Angel call to a beloved.


The Angels reserve the right to direct that Jeannie immediately cancel the

membership of any person who sends attacking or other low-frequency

communication regarding the answers from his/her Angels and Spirit Guides or

otherwise. Such activity may be reported to the necessary authorities, as well. 


If I opt out at some point & then wish to rejoin, will I be able to do so?


Absolutely! You can sign up again anytime there is an opening. The Wings Up Club is available to 111 Members Only on a 1st land, 1st fly basis. There will be a waiting list available for those wishing to join once the 111 saddles are filled.


Ready to Join

The Wings Up Club

with Your

Angels & Spirit Guides?



Fly Up

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If You Would Prefer A Single Angel Service:


Please Note:

Angel Walk & Phone Talk Payments

Are Due By the Scheduled Service Time.


The Email or Text Answer 

is Sent to Recipient

After Payment Is Received.


2 Hour Angel Walk or Talk ~ $211.11

          * for Couples ~ $311.11

1 Hour Angel Phone Talk ~ $111.11

          * for Couples ~ $211.11


1/2 Hour Angel Talk ~ $51.11


1 Angel Audio \ Voicemail Answer ~  $27.11

1 Quantum Leap Angel Card Selection ~ $27.11

1 Cherub/Mini-Angel Answer via Text/Email ~ $21.11


Party/Trade Show Cherub/Mini-Angel Readings ~ $22/15 minutes



Joy Flames Wristbands
(1) ~ $4
(2) ~ $7
(3) ~ $10
(5) ~ $15
(10) ~ $30


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