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Who Is That 
Quantum Leaping
 Angel Cowgirl?

Some of Jeannie's Other Passions 
  • Horses, Dogs, Eagles, All of Nature
  • Motorcycling, Bicycling

  • Walking, Yoga, Hiking, Moving Freely
  • Sharing a Stem Cell Activating Light Technology
  • Gardening, Rock Hunting, Tree Planting
  • Cowgirl Boots, High Heels
  • Cowgirl Hats, Fedoras
  • Heart-felt  Gratitude, Awe,  Unreasonable Joy 
  • Music,  Om Tones, Singing 

  • Her Big Dreaming Cowboy, Cowdogs

  • Spirited Encounters, Communications

  • Learning, Creating, Remembering

  • All Languages, Cultures, Spiritualities

  • Laughing, Giggling, Grinning Ear to Ear

  • Assisting with Lift Offs, Frequency Shifts, Amp Ups

  • Helping All to  Quantum Leap to Their Dream Life 

  • Offering Possibilities and Solutions for Peace & Joy

  • Sharing Vibrant Health Options and Tools

  • Imagining, Visualizing, Quantum Leaping

  • Taking Action When The Chi Nudges or Pulls

  • Fiercely Encouraging, Believing In and Loving On People

Jeannie Blaha, Angel Lady, Angel Walk, Angel Phone Call, Angel Email, Walk with Your Angels

Jeannie doesn't remember a time when she wasn't talking to nature, animals, Spirits and "The Always Happy, Peaceful Ones" who came to visit her often when she was a child. She didn't really give any of her Light Friends any specific title. She was just really glad they were there. When people started to ask her as a teenager about their own, she felt most on purpose. As the years went by, she became very accustomed to being described as "out there". Tee, hee. To be straight up, out there she was met with infinite kindness, care and love. She knew she had far more to quantum leap back "here" for others. She began inviting her friends on what she then called, "Spirit Walks". So much specific info and messaging would pour in for each person. She was thrilled, honored and grateful to share it. On a strong intuitive nudge, Jeannie landed in Venezuela in 1999. There she was told by a whole family on New Year's Eve that they saw many Angels around her at all times. One by one, they sat with her to hear what their Angels & loved ones who'd passed wanted them to know. Aaaahhhh... The Biggest Light Bulb of her life went off for her that night. THOSE were the Light Joy Beings that kept strong watch over her all of these years! When she returned to the US, she bust out laughing as she walked around her house. In fact, people had been gifting her all kinds of Angel items over the years. What had they known all along? She'd always thought of Angels as almost too magnificent, divine & other-worldly for her: How could she have been so lucky as to have "una manada" or "a herd" of Angels accompanying her? She really would have been perfectly happy thinking they were all Spirit Guides. They were fantastic enough! For her, this was a whole new level of amazement for Spirit. She felt even more propelled to help others know of their own steady and constant family of Angels & Spirit Guides, too. When 9/11 happened in the US, she was asked by a dear friend to provide her Spirit Walks as a real business. That many would want to know what the bigger picture was for the US and humanity. How were we meant to evolve through this? How could we all quantum leap to our desired realities from here? Thus, Take a Walk with Your Angels was born and people began to call her, "The Angel Lady".


Thank you so much to all of my past, present and future friends, family and Angel client friends. I am so grateful for your openness, thrill and receptivity with your quantum leaps, Angels, spirit guides, beloveds out of form and me. I am so thankful for your significant Love and Care on this planet. Your being here, present, with your soul gifts matters. I appreciate all of your determination to keep on with your steadfast, rich spirit ways.

Thank You.


In Love & Peace,

Wings Up!

Your Angel Cowgirl

desde Arizona,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

Jeannie Blaha, Angel Walk, Take a Walk with Your Angels, Angel Phone Call, Angel Email
Jeannie Blaha, Take a Walk with Your Angels, Walk with Your Angels, Angel Phone Call, Angel Email
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