It's great to have You & Your Spirit along for the ride! Thank you for your Presence. You may be feeling the gargantuous shifts on this planet & are wondering where or how you can remain in the lighter vibes & speedier frequencies. Perhaps you're feeling super blocked personally or professionally in your life, i.e. health, finances, purpose, love, relationships, &/or career. Or you may be questioning whether your joy & peace will be there when you land those huge quantum leaps you're feeling strongly nudged to take. Or whether you have any Angels or Spirit Guides. Or if your loved ones who've passed are with you. Or what to do with some limiting thoughts that maybe Your powerful Assistants in the quantum dumped you off somewhere along the way. Well, They want you to know right now, That Never Happens! They Never, Ever Leave You. No Matter What.


Receiving a quantum leaping Angel Walk or Phone Talk with Your Angels & Guides may be just the guidance you've been seeking. What if you really can flip all of your life aspects & their Light switches back to their strongest "On"? And send any dimmer switches sailing to those old story paradigms where you no longer desire to live? All to make way for this Now You who may be itching to open & awaken further & live more empowered & alive than ever! Oh, yeah, you can! After all, no one came here to drudge along. And your grand openings don't have to be painful & "hard work."  The Angels call that "old-agey". There's nothing to "detox" about You. You can fully clear what are just "energy blocks" to make way for your vibrant, Essential, Original Self & fully-empowered, entire Desired Reality -- & you can do it in Joy & Peace, too. Contrary to what many of us were taught or told, we really can evolve as much through Joy as we can through pain. Because of the frequency of Joy, it's often speedier, too. Due to past programming, you may find yourself consistently choosing "the hard way". Or "the resistant way", as the Angels call it. That's fine, too. There's no shame, "wrong", or "less than" in any which way. Maybe you are absolutely ready for your ideal Unlimited Abundance, Health, Purpose, Career/Business, Heart Partner, Joy, Peace, Sizzling Spirit Connections & Big, BIG Love that are Your Birthrights. You deserve All of Them. Just for choosing to Be Here for this Earth-embodied adventure, yes. This Earth has only One You. Thank you very much for your soul impact. You Matter. Infinitely. I believe in You & would love to assist you with all of your very deserved quantum leaps. You have a right to be here. And you do get to be here as You. Yep!    


With Much Love, Big Hugs & Many Joy Flames!  

Your Angel Cowgirl

desde Montana,

Jeannie Marie Blaha

If you're thinking you're lacking anything or that you're not good enough, you haven't met Your Self yet... 


As soon as possible, outgrow everything that holds no Joy or Peace for You!

To Purchase an Angel Service or Gift One to a Beloved...


Never Let Anyone or Anything 
Extinguish Them!



Thank You for Blazing By!



 “I wish I could show you

when you are lonely

or in darkness,

the astonishing Light

of your own being.”
~ Hafiz

"Halfhearted holding back,
well-enough getting by?
Not here."
~Jelal'uddin Rumi 

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Jeannie Blaha, Angel Lady, Take a Walk with Your Angels, Walk with Angels, Angel Dog Lady, Angels

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Thank You Very Much!

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie

Your Angel Cowgirl


In Loving Memory of Raja Shikai,

Ginger Girl &

Luca de la Luna,

3 Beloveds who quantum leap 

with the Angels

Now, Infinitely

& Everywhere.

Jeannie Blaha, Angel Walk, Angel Lady, Angel Email, Angel Phone Call
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