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Jeannie Marie Blaha

Jeannie Blaha, FAQ's, Questions for the Angels, Questions for Jeannie, Take a Walk with Your Angels, Angel Email, Angel Phone Call
Jeannie Blaha, FAQ's, Take a Walk with Your Angels, Angel Questions, Questions for the Angels, Questions for Jeannie

What is the significance of the Joy Flames wristbands?


A few years ago, Jeannie responded to a friend with, "Don't ever let anyone extinguish your Joy Flames!" Her friend loved it and felt that it would be a great reminder message for many; she asked that it be created as a wristband that could be worn as a daily reminder. Thus, Joy Flames


And the W.W.J.B.D on the wristbands?


Friends, family and Angel client friends have often mentioned and messaged to Jeannie that when they are faced with a challenging situation that they want to handle in a mindful, constructive way that is a win/win for all involved, they ask themselves, "What would Jeannie Blaha do?" Jeannie's mother actually told her when she was in her 20's that one day people would wear wristbands that would carry such an acronym...At the time, Jeannie giggled and replied, "No way! That's funny! But I would be so honored!"  And she is!  


What if I'm agnostic? Would I still get anything out of an Angel walk, talk or email?


Jeannie is able to receive communications from the spirit guides, Angels and loved ones who've passed, regardless of a client's religion or belief system. If a person arrives open to receiving the messaging, there can be answers that bring peace, joy & hope.


What if there are people who've passed with whom I'm not ready to connect?


Jeannie respects each person's decisions regarding their spiritual connections and only asks that such a preference is communicated so as to prevent any discomfort for the client. It is quite common for those who've passed to visit with the desire to "clear the air", requesting forgiveness and/or understanding; however, it is completely up to the client regarding his/her Divine Timing for such a reunion. 


Is there anything that you would consider "too out there" or "weird" to ask from my guides & Angels?


No. Nothing. Jeannie's Angels & guides have taken her on many fascinating, adventurous rides, to include astral travel, quantum leaping, biplaning, time travel, concurrent lifetime visits, energy transmissions, encounters of all kinds, and more. Thus, for Jeannie, there really are no limits to the awakening and expansion that are available for all of us. She has found that if the question is being nudged, the answers are, as well.


Is there any chance that I don't have any spirit guides or Angels?


Jeannie has never met a single person (or animal, bird, tree, or even land/property) who didn't have multiple Angels & spirit guides around him or her. Neither has she has ever even seen the Light Ones "take a break". They are the 24/7 admin staff for their person, absolutely tireless and always, "On".


What if I am physically unable to go on a 2 hour walk?


Jeannie offers Angel recorded phone calls/audios and emails or texts for those who are unable to meet her for a walk, either due to physical distance or limitation.


What if I am only 6 years old? Or 90?  Or I'm a horse?


Jeannie is available to Angel and spirit guide message for all ages, all people and all animals, too. Kids and animals are actually often the easiest to assist, as the resistance to the messaging is very little to non-existent.  

























Why do you refer to yourself as an co-healer?


With the primary healer truly being the client who heals him/herself, Jeannie considers herself a co-healer. She assists each client by providing guided quantum leaps that help each him/her see and dump root causes of unwanted conditions. In this way, she helps each client reclaim and return to her/his powerful health. With the intuitive guidance Jeannie receives regarding energy blocks that lead to illness & dis-ease, her full intention and attention is directed towards malaise, clearing blocked energy, prevention and providing guidance for whole life empowerment via Joy.  


What's the difference between Angels & spirit guides?


The spirit guides refer to themselves as such and have often been embodied and known the person they accompany on the Earth plane. Their energetic frequency is very speedy; however, that of the Angels is speedier still. Spirit guides in form reveal themselves to Jeannie as no different than humans embodied, and often gesture and move with their messaging; Angels arrive to her in waves and sparkles of Light & color...appearing as more of a vibrational mosaic, if you will.   


Do I need to give you any specific information like a birth date, birthplace, etc for you to connect with my Angels & spirit guides?


Jeannie doesn't need any specific information, but she does ask that each client send her an email prior to his/her walk or phone call with questions he/she may have for his/her spirit guides and Angels. Most people find that they get so caught up with the messaging and energy of their Angel walk or talk that they can't remember all of their questions during their session. Lots of Angel "instant messaging" happens during the walks & talks, as well.  


Is there a difference between my dog's spirit guides and Angels & mine? If they're different, how do you know which ones go with each of us?


While each human, animal and land has his/her/its own spirit guides, there are guides who take care of whole families, properties, communities, countries, etc. When spirits visit, Jeannie asks with whom they wish to communicate; from their answer, she knows to whom they pertain. Also, they are often very clear with their energetic imprint, messaging her clear pictures and even names of themselves and of those here, embodied, as well.



















A lot of people talk about karma as if it's always bad. Is there such a thing as karma that is just about past lives coming together in this one to work something out?


The notion of karma as "bad" has been a perception that developed and then remains strong in the Western world. Karma is actually defined as the sum of a person's actions. We all have it. What we've invested into our karma is believed to then bring about our next results, either sooner or later. In various Eastern spiritualities, it is believed that all of our encounters and relationships have all to do with how we've treated these specific people in other previous (or "concurrent", according to the Angels) lifetimes... and that, yes, if we are coming together again in any frequency of static, it is to resolve it and to put an end to any karmic ties between us.   


If I have a deja vu and I'm seeing that I'm not doing it this time exactly the way I saw it the first time, does this mean I am on the wrong path?


According to the Divine messaging Jeannie receives, there is no "wrong" path. That if your current experience is different from your deja vu, it is because you've chosen your life's avenues a bit differently since your first awakening to an aspect of your awareness. In other words, these other roads you chose instead, lead you to a different spot on your life highway than you originally saw. 


Are you affiliated with any one religion?


Jeannie is not affiliated with any one religion and often feels spiritually connected to many of them at once. She was thrilled to discover years ago that all religions speak of Angels, regardless of their other variances.   


If I have a loved one who may not have committed suicide but his/her cause of death was listed as such, would you know?


Those who've passed indicate to Jeannie quite regularly how they passed, especially if their cause of death has been misperceived or misrepresented. Wrongful assumptions or declarations of suicide can be very troubling for those who've passed in other ways; they want to be sure their loved ones here are not left with that transition impression.   


If I feel that I have spirits around me or in my home who don't feel that great, can you help me get rid of them?


Jeannie has assisted in clearing spaces and properties, either in person or from a distance. The spirits she's encountered are either attached to the space due to past affiliations there, or they feel they're connected to the occupant.  They seek to deliver a message to him/her or to another embodied person via the occupant with whom they are "visiting". If they don't feel to be of a positive presence, it is usually due to their not feeling good about something. They may be confused (not realizing they've passed, especially if they died suddenly, i.e. via a fire, car accident, etc) and/or are caught between realms. They are often very relieved and grateful to be acknowledged and then helped to rediscover the Light where their loved ones await their arrival. 


Do you predict future events?


Jeannie receives many clear messages about the future; however, she is careful to remind her clients and friends that she sees it as it pertains to our response to our lives and world in the "now" to the "then". That essentially, we can change the future by the choices and decisions we make from here to there. An example would be of her feeling a jolt in her body of a car crash, asking for whom it is, reaching out to that person with a suggestion for extra-aware presence & preventing that possible future car incident.  


What is the best way for me to come for an Angel walk, talk, or email to get the most out of it?


Jeannie suggests to her clients to come as open as they can to receive their Angels' & guides' messaging. This includes arriving drug and alcohol-free if possible, as these can add filters & blocks to a person's abilities to receive and absorb all of the messaging, energy and healing transmissions.  


What is your payment procedure for an Angel service?


US$ Payments are to be made prior to the Angel walk, phone call, audio\voicemail, email, text or via PayPal


May I bring a friend for my Angel walk?


Although Jeannie offers Angel walks for couples, she generally recommends that clients come alone, as she's found that extra spirit guides tend to show up if there is an additional person. In this way, the entire focus can remain with each client and his/her Angels and spirit guides. 


Do you ever do Angel parties?


Jeannie does do mini Angel readings at gatherings; these constitute about 15-20 minutes with each guest. 


Can you turn off your intuitive guidance?


Jeannie has never been able to turn off her intuitive guidance. She can "turn the station", or "turn down the volume" a little, but regardless of whether she's on a motorcycle, walking dogs, practicing yoga, singing, sleeping or anything else, messages are always arriving. 


Does it get really loud for you when you go to shopping centers, restaurants & other busy public places?


Jeannie has learned that it's easiest on her to strategically plan her trips to busy public arenas, often grocery shopping, etc late at night or during off-peak hours. The energetic "static" at peak times can be rather jarring for her, so she opts for the less dense flow and go times and spaces. 


As a person who is "tuned in" regularly, does the world's turmoil ever get to you?


Maybe one of the most challenging facets as an intuitive is that he/she can feel things everywhere and in all ways--even when it may not feel so good. Jeannie's response is to transmit healing and peace in a form she sees as Light when she is being messaged of such world events. Even though the Angels share the bigger picture understanding with her, she can still be very struck by humans' lack of care for each other, for the animals and for this planet. 


Are people ever afraid of what you might "see"?


Some people are afraid of what Jeannie sees, including some with whom she doesn't actually speak. Even if they might not know in their conscious mind of her abilities, they may still walk by her and glare at her if they're not feeling certainty about their path choices. However, there is no judgment from Jeannie in her ability to see, as for her, the messaging just states "what is"--without any "wrong" judgement attached to it.  


Do you read minds, too?


Jeannie doesn't intentionally set out to read minds; however, to her, people's thoughts are very loud, even when not expressed aloud. She tends to apply the connection as a way to empathetically comprehend where a person is standing in his/her life. 


I'm a really private person; is the information messaged during the Angel walks, talks & emails kept confidential? 


Jeannie regards all Angel messaging as very personal. Clients may share his/her Angel adventure with whomever they choose. At times, when a delighted client calls or emails to share a spiritual experience, Jeannie will ask permission to share it generically, sans any name(s), to encourage others to open to their own spiritual connections. 


May I smoke during the Angel walk?


Jeannie has an acute sensitivity to smoke and also has found that it can interrupt & even block message-receiving for clients. Thus, she doesn't have smoking during the walk. She recommends that clients wait to have their first smoke of the day until after their Angel walk or talk. This allows for the client's speediest frequency state, & thus, provides optimum reception and easiest absorption of the messaging from their Angels and Guides.  


What if you get a message from my spirit guides and Angels that I'm not ready to hear?


The Angels are very clear with Jeannie if she is to receive information for a client but share it at a later time. Jeannie experiences resistance as the most fatiguing energy on the planet and has no interest in creating more. Her intention is simply to help people to open and trust their Divine spiritual connection. She definitely does not want to inspire any feeling of resentment or fear for anyone regarding his/her own personal spiritual connection.


Do you ever have clients who seem to be emotionally down by the end of their Angel experience?


Jeannie has not seen or heard from clients that they feel badly about their Angels' messages for them. Angels are about Joy, Peace, Love & Hope. They aren't, nor are any of the Light Beings she's encountered, about judgement, condemnation, punishing or guilting of any kind. They say that is what humans do and that it has nothing to do with Divine/Source/Creator energy. They want to help make this Earth experience be more of what They know it can be: Fun, Joyful, Free and Light-filled.  Clients often exclaim that they feel a noticeable increased sense of peace and joy by the end of their experience with their Angels, for which Jeannie is very grateful. 


Can you give me some simple ways to connect on my own with my spiritual assistants?


Jeannie asks each client's Angels and guides what tools best and most easily serve their human to connect with Them. It can be through so many different means, and the Angels and guides are very happy to share ideas for a connection with their own person they accompany. 


Are there any people you would recommend that they consult with someone else? 


Jeannie regularly recommends her clients to other spiritual and healing modalities as there are so many wonderful avenues available. As far as referring a new client to another professional rather than herself, she does this if the Angels recommend it. There can be various reasons for Their nod in a different direction and Jeannie trusts their indication implicitly.    


So, do you always know then when people are lying or being deceptive?


Jeannie does know when people are lying or being deceptive, specifically when their guides and her guides want her to know. They will speak quite emphatically about the illusion, especially if they would like either the course changed for that person, or the connection altered between that person and Jeannie.


Have you ever seen any spirits or other energies that scared you?


While Jeannie has felt gut danger warnings around embodied souls, she's never felt fear because of the spirits she's encountered. Humans here will intentionally hurt each other; whereas, she has never encountered a spirit with any intention to hurt her. She has seen very dark spirits around others in locales of dense vibrations, such as in bars, hospitals, or where drugs, alcohol or medications are a prevalent theme. Usually, these are spirits who passed from some kind of addiction, overdose or side effects for which they are still seeking to get their "fix" or "relief". They will attach themselves to embodied ones...Thus, the frequently-heard statement of, "I was only going to have one or two beers...How did I end up having 4??"  But even those dark spirits in their desperate attachments feel very sad and listless & not dangerous at all.


Do most people feel more intuitive after they've experienced an Angel walk, talk or email?


Quite often, Jeannie receives feedback from clients who say that they feel much more attuned and that they notice many more spiritual moments after their Angel experience. Jeannie is very thrilled to hear of such adventures and considers it a complete honor to be able to serve in this way. She is very grateful for her clients' openness and appreciates their trust for such personal expansion.  She feels such joy in being able to share these miraculous realms that are available and ready at all times for everyone.  






























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