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Mighty Mikey: The Rescue Teacher

"I met Jeannie several years ago. I was referred to her by some close friends that raved about her intuitive guided angel walks. On my first walk I discovered her love and care for dogs. She shared her passion for rescues and how her intuitive abilities help her to connect to their suffering so she can really help heal them. A couple years into our relationship, I learned that my sister was feeling that her dog needed to be released to a different home. The stars aligned and my sister connected with Jeannie to seek guidance on what to do. Releasing a pet is a very brave decision and Jeannie eased her feelings of guilt. Jeannie was able to connect with her pup intuitively, which helped assure her that she was making the right decision. Her pup is happier than ever in his new home, became a national traveler and has his life frequently documented on Facebook … so my sister and her family can still have him in their lives. This lucky pup is Mikey! Thank you Jeannie - you are so special, I feel so grateful to be connected."

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