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Inusan & Her Angel Assistant

One of my greatest life-loves came in the form of a furry Chihuahua and Lhasa Apso package named Inusan. During our 13 years together we embarked on many adventures, traveling on planes, motorcycles and automobiles from New York to California. Unfortunately, because I was employed as a flight attendant for the now defunct Northwest Airlines, I could not always have my beloved friend, Inusan, by my side. Lucky for both Inu and me, we had the assistance of an angel, Ms. Jeannie Blaha. Jeannie made it possible for me to “fly the friendly skies” knowing that Inu was in the very best hands imaginable. Inu had a big personality, as many small dogs like Chihuahuas do, and could be a bit persnickety about whom she deemed worthy of her association, and an even shorter list of those humans to whom she would listen. Jeannie always showed the utmost patience with Inu, and was able to “convince” Inu to behave in an appropriate fashion when others failed miserably. Jeannie lovingly nurtures all the animals in her care while also having the ability to coax out the best in their behavior. There is no one whom I would trust more to care for any animal I hold dear than Jeannie Blaha.

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