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Jeannie Blaha, BJ Bronstad, Javita, Weight Loss Coffee, Weight Loss Tea, Weight Loss Water, Network Marketing
Jeannie Blaha, Javita, Weight Loss Coffee, Weight Loss Tea, Weight Loss Water, Network Marketing, Burn & Control Coffee, Lean & Green Tea, Energy & Mind Coffee
Jeannie Blaha, Javita, Weight Loss Coffee, Weight Loss Lean & Green Tea, Weight Loss Control

Why Jeannie is so passionate about Javita ...


"For some years, I'd been noting that Angel clients & friends of all ages were experiencing ever-increasing diminished health, energy & vitality. I was also recognizing that the treatments for them via medications & surgery had increased by leaps & bounds. Modern health care seemed to have become more about treating symptoms than healing people. I found that friends & clients were being prescribed 5-15 different types of medications, & still feeling very sick and/or tired. I began to ask the Angels for something very easy to offer that could help kick-start people's health & then help them reclaim it fully. I had seen that as people had less & less energy, their ambition & will to live their dreams were greatly diminished, too. They simply had nothing left to give to their dreams as they arrived to the end of their day exhausted. The hopelessness that seeped in from their feelings of lethargy then affected their determination to live their most joy-filled lives. I began putting a call out to the Angels in 2011... I needed an easy tool to help people reclaim their healthy & vitality. -- Something they didn't need to remember to take or for which they'd have to make a big change in their diet...since we know how much most humans love change!  Wink, wink, grin, grin. On the morning before I was introduced to Javita in April of 2014, the Angels loudly exclaimed in my ear, 'Get ready for what's next!!' I was excited because I knew They'd found an answer...An hour later a dear friend served me a cup of Javita, offering it as 'a really healthy cup of coffee'. I blinked twice, as what I saw soaring up out of the cup, astounded me. I'd never seen such brilliant, shimmering gold -- especially not from a cup of coffee! I knew right then & there that the Angels had, indeed, found me an answer to help people with their essential energy & health. As I watched members & customers of Javita exclaim of their burning fat, building lean muscle, gaining focus, sleeping better & much more-- & then being able to come off all kinds of meds, too-- well, I was absolutely thrilled & thankful! I am so, so grateful to Javita for providing such health--- all in a cup of coffee, tea, cocoa, or fruit water, rich in ayurvedic herbs that taste great! So simple, & yet so incredibly effective, because who forgets to enjoy coffee, tea, or water each day? Having lived in Colombia, South America where a cup of 'tinto' is offered at every visit, I love the idea of sharing such a phenomenal cup of Love, Joy & Powerful Health to All.    

Thank You, Angels, & Thank You, Javita!!"   



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